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Creating a unique video production experience.

Client: Ambedo Media

Services: Strategy, Discovery, Research, Branding, Art Direction, Digital, Development, Collateral

Ambedo Media is a new video production company based in Zagreb, Croatia that offers a wide range of services to its clients. From professional corporate videos to contemporary and classical art showcases, the creatives behind the work offer unique viewing experiences for whatever needs you and your project may have.

For several years, Ambedo’s founder, Tomislav Felbar worked as a freelancer and a member of his family business in his hometown. Having gained valuable work experience, he wanted to expand his horizons and business opportunities. This is when Ambedo Media was born. His vision was to create a video production agency that would create premium video products for large scale businesses, but also contemporary artists. Two very different client bases that needed to be equally represented within his brands’communication.

Through discovery and research sessions Klasik gathered key takeaways for the brands’tone of voice:

  • Serious
  • Striking
  • Unconventional

The aM mark was born from the idea of the two very different, yet equally important sides. I decided it would be best to reduce this abstract idea into simple geometric forms, a circle, and a rectangle. These forms would later be used within communications to highlight artists (circles) and corporations(rectangles).

"The entire process was extremely smooth and efficient. Working with Filip, I was able to learn a lot about my target markets and how to properly communicate my services to them."

- Tomislav Felbar, founder, Ambedo Media


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