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Klasik Story

Klasik overview

- I’m a freelance creative, but I work with you and your team as if I were in the office every day.
- Digitally, I’m available globally. Physically, you can find me in Copenhagen, Denmark.
- I work within a bunch of different tools and industries, but I specialize in creating work that resonates with your audience.


I believe brands and experiences should be based on two key pillars, strategy and creativity. This is the foundation for effective results. One simply can't provide value without its companion.

In order to create a strong connection between strategy and creativity, I work tightly with your team. And yes, that does mean I frequently bug you with emails and questions, but it's really worth it.


My process has proved effective for our previous clients. Although, that doesn’t mean I just do the same thing over and over again. Every project contributes to its evolution.

That’s how I'm able to adapt quickly to the unknown. It’s those new challenges that help me grow. It’s the feedback I get from businesses and audiences that tells me what truly creates value. It’s the collaboration with various teams that builds a powerful process.

Klasik, but not exactly

The adjective classic is defined as "judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind". The important element here is "over a period of time". It takes time to create something truly valuable. And even with everything in the right place, it can be difficult to predict what will form that lasting relationship with an audience.

That’s why we’re in this together during the creation. You’re the expert in your field, and that insight is crucial in creating impactful brands and experiences.

But classic can also be defined as "very typical of its kind". Through my process, I carefully plan out ways to differentiate your brand, but not for the sake of being different. I take time to discover the uniqueness of your vision and service. Then, we build a message that can clearly communicate with your audience in a way that’s meaningful to them.



Awwwards, Mobile Excellence - Filip Felbar Portfolio


Awwwards, Honorable Mention - Filip Felbar Portfolio


Awwwards, Mobile Excellence - BodyEM


Awwwards, Honorable Mention - BodyEM


Mindsparkle Magazine, Project Feature - The Klasik Series


Awwwards - Young Jury Member


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