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Hello there. I'm Filip Felbar.
Freelance art director and designer.

I make effective

experiences to help

bring companies

closer to their


Hello there


What I Create


I help your brand connect with your audience.

What I Do


01 | Strategy

Every project begins with a healthy planning phase. And by healthy I mean collaborative. Together, we're able to clearly define the goals and obstacles on the path to creating an exciting new product or service.

02 | Branding

Your brand needs to resonate with your audience. Engage with them. Connect with them. To accomplish these goals, I help you build exciting and recognizable brands that express business values in a compelling way.

03 | Design

A majority of information processing is visual, and we understand that importance well. Every brand has a unique message and personality, so the methods of communication must include an identifiable narrative. This helps audiences understand brands on a much deeper level.

04 | Digital

Technology is growing rapidly, and so are the ways users interact with their favorite brands. Creating experiences that are intuitive and engaging for users helps them create meaningful relationships with brands.

Start a Project

I'm always looking forward about your needs. new clients that care about the quality of their product and service. If you’d like to have a chat to discuss them a bit more, why not drop me a line and get a better idea on how we can work together (there's a helpful button here to make it super fast for you).

"The entire process was extremely smooth and efficient. With the help of Filip, I was able to learn a lot about my target markets and how to properly communicate my services to them."

- Tomislav Felbar, Founder, Ambedo Media

"Filip shaped our ideas on product labels, the webshop, and photography into a reality beyond expectations. Absolutely recommended!"

- Jennifer Deegan, Co-founder, Pura Vida Organic

"Filip was very forthcoming and transparent in every part of the project! The website they delivered completely blew away my expectations."

- Roxana Mišić, Founder, Dutours

"We needed a high-quality web-shop and social media presence to promote and sell our new kayaks. Filip accepted that challenge and built everything we could possibly need!"

- Željko Tijeglić, Co-founder, Kayak Land

Who I Am